21st Century Technology

It goes without saying our children are the future of our country. Empowering our kids with a better future is the desire of all parents and is embedded in the roots of our communities. One of the most important ways we can make this happen is with our countries wonderful Teachers. Often overlooked and under-recognized, teachers are in front of the kids each day having to navigate through the teaching plans, trying to deal with testing requirements, student attendance, maintain attention and do their best to make it fun to learn. Not to mention the challenges in dealing with the home environments that so many children are faced with.

Our focus on teachers is the unique approach that separates JMARK IT solutions from the fray. With all of the challenges that teachers deal with in the classroom, fighting with technology should not be among them. In order to empower the teachers, JMARK’s approach involved teaching the teachers to utilize technology to become more effective in the classroom. The right technology deployed in the right way can be a wonderful tool to help teachers to provide a better classroom experience, maintain the attention of the students and ultimately to keep the students more engaged which will facilitate a better education.

These solutions are achieved by working with each district to outline a strategic plan to determine the initiatives that will most benefit the teaching experience. Often times, technology is not used because the teachers feel like the students are more knowledgeable than the teacher or the technology is simply not reliable. Our strategic focus will resolve these issues through continuing education which will teach the teacher to capitalize on the benefits of the technology.

At JMARK, we understand 21st century learning. We understand your District is charged with meeting students where they are and individualizing instruction. JMARK understands the need to educate students at all levels using 21st century skills. We know the advantages to those students entering secondary education or the job market immediately following their high school years. Let us help you with your technology so that you can prepare your students for success in the digital age.

All Districts have financial constraints. In any size District we can provide enhanced buying power, a greater number of experts in a broader range of fields at a price point that is fiscally responsible for your community’s money. Whether it is working with E-Rate, planning for a 1:1 initiative or creating a multi-year technology plan, JMARK can arm you with the tools you need to have a successful technology experience for your district.

JMARK monitors 24 hours every day and evaluates any system issues that may arise. We assess and troubleshoot any issues to insure the best possible up time while maintaining the best possible end user experience. JMARK Business Solutions is your Complete IT Services Partner. Schedule your appointment with us today!